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Chapada Diamantina

Todos os direitos reservados a Chapada Soul

Chapada Soul - Agência de Turismo

Caminho do Ribeirão, 2 Centro

Lençóis/BA - CEP 46960-000

Fone: 55 7533342231 / 55 75999406004


Mtur 05.073548.10.0001-5


The Municipal Park Muritiba is located on the outskirts of Lençóis. With a light walk, we will visit the waterfalls of Lençois river Our first stop is in Serrano pools, with great cauldrons of water for bathing and view of the city. We will continue walking through the park, past the Hall of colored sands, Halley pool, we reach the Primavera waterfall and the viewpoint.Where is possible to see the entire city of Lençóis in an incredible visual. Returning, we will bathe in the clear waters of Cachoeirinha waterfall


Level of physical exertion: Light

  Situated in the Ribeirão river, next to Lençóis.
We  swim and slide in natural waterslide. Natural environment ideal to relax, stay  with nature and also have fun!


Physical exertion level: moderate


  Let's make the crossing of Lapão Cave; along the way we can observe rare speleothems in quartzite, it is the largest quartzite cave in the country.
After crossing the cave, we went back to Lençóis walking down Lapão river where we can swim and relax!
Level of physical exertion: Light
We left Lençóis by car. First stop on the   Mucugezinho river where we walk down to the Poço do Diabo Waterfall, where we swim under of an incredible waterfall. We went to the  Lapa Doce Cave *, where we will cross the cave, which is very wide and has its limestone formation also have stalactites and stalagmites. After visiting the cave we will have lunch and a delicious homemade regional food with free buffet. We follow to  Pratinha Cave, natural complex of leisure and fun, with crystal blue waters for swimming,  and enjoy. In Pratinha, have crafts store, they offer the underwater photo service, zip lines and floating in the cave. In addition to the amazing Blue Grotto, with crystal clear water, to contemplate a little more of the beauty of the place. When we are coming back to Lençóis, we will visit the Pai Inácio Hill, where we going to contemplate the most famous visual Chapada, a beautiful panoramic view.* Is posible to choose the Lapa Doce Cave or the Torrinha Cave
Level of physical exertion: Intense
We leave Lençóis and we will walk about 6 km to the Sossego Waterfall. Let per track with flowers and untouched nature, part of the way by jumping stone riverbed, until we reach the Sossego, which has a large pool and plenty of water to swim.
Level of physical exertion: Light
We left  Lençóis by car and our first stop is the town of Remanso, remnant quilombo community. We will canoe the river Santo Antonio (8 km), contemplating the beautiful scenery in calm waters with lush landscape, many species of flowers and waterfowl, a true ecological niche. Until we reach the Rio Roncador, where we will take refreshing baths in the pools of the river with natural whirlpool. Our luncht is a delicious regional food with free buffet at Fazenda Roncador.


Level of physical exertion: Intense
At 08: 30h we leave Lençóis by car to  Capão Valley, where starts the trek to the Fumaça waterfall. a 380 mt waterfall and the second tallest in Brasil. With a constant viw of the Valley,
. After the trek we go to the Riachinho waterfall, strong waterfall and large and spacious pool to swim and relax. return to Lençóis
Level of physical exertion: Moderate
We left Lençóis walking to Pai Inácio Mountain, this trail was the first access to Lençóis has a beautiful setting surrounded by green and imposing mountains, Let trek with many flower species and a rich fauna and flora, through the Morro three brothers valley,  rivers  and amazing visuals until we get to the Pai Inácio Hill. Along the way, we will make stops for swimming and snacks
Level of physical exertion: Light.
We left Lençóis to 08: 30h by car, we stop at the Enchanted Pool, to behold the beauty of the cave with 60m deep crystal blue water, which is a reflection of the sunlight shining like a beam of light. From there we went to the Blue Pool, where we can swim and snorkeling in the transparent blue waters of the immense cave. Lunch option with delicious home made food and free buffet in the Blue pool farm restaurant
Level of physical exertion: Light
Today we go to the  Mozquito Farm, visit  Mosquito waterfall! Named after the small diamonds that were found at the site, called mosquitos. Light hike to the waterfall, that has 50m waterfalls, with many places to swim. We will make a snack  at the top of the waterfall, after we go visit archaeological complex of Serra das Paridas where we will visit the numerous rock paintings that have 8 thousand to 35 thousand years ago and consists of 18 archaeological sites


Level of physical exertion: Moderate
At 08:30, we left Lençóis by car to Capão Valley, where we began our trek in a beautiful area surrounded by green and imposing mountains. Let's trek with many species of lowers and a rich fauna and flora, presenting us with rivers and amazing visuals until we get the Lençóis. Along the way, we will make stops for swimming and snacks
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