Chapada Soul - Turismo de Aventura organizes and operates day trips, long tours, trails, classic routes, climbing and abseiling throughout the Chapada Diamantina region. We prepare your entire trip, from transfer to accommodation, selecting the best options for you!
Always taking into consideration the profile of each visitor, we make customized itineraries adapted to your style. We propose a new way of traveling, based on a deep knowledge of the surroundings, the luxury of the essentials and sustainable development.
Our mission is to offer adventure tours safely, providing the best in Chapada Diamantina.
One of the great differentials is the experience we live on these paths, the intense interaction with nature and the local culture, providing visitors with the certainty of having made the best choice, being led by people who value respect, security, cordiality and love what they do. The inspiration comes from the pleasure of traveling and the incredible experiences that a trip provides us.
  We wish you a good trip, and that your impulses of adventure, nature and life, will never be cured!
Welcome to Chapada Diamantina!



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Chapada Diamantina
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