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Chapada Diamantina


At Chapada Soul, know that there are different types of travelers and how much Chapada Diamantina has to offer, thinking about it, we prepare direfent kind of travel to meet the most diverse profiles and desires of each moment of life.


We have options for special occasions, honeymoons, incentive travel, diferent trails, gastronomy and itineraries for those looking for mystical experiences. A trip begins long before boarding, our expert consultants are always on hand to provide valuable tips.
The only thing you need to do is choose which of these experiences you want to live!

Created around your specific interests, tailor-made trips, made especially for you,
are private: only you, your companion and the Chapada Soul guide, who help you
get the most out of every day of your journey.
Traveling is a great way to bring the family closer, opening the door to inspiring
discoveries.Packages created specifically for families, Chapada
Soul presents exciting routes and activities that reveal the destination in order to
expand horizons, regardless of age
To live is to celebrate special moments and create memories.If your holidays are to
celebrate in Chapada Diamantina, we are here to offer our creative ideas and experience
in the sector to ensure that your moment is unique, refined and unforgettable.

Traveling creates and expands significant moments. Chapada Diamantina offers
countless possibilities for the realization of your dreams.

Embark on transformative experiences and explore breathtaking destinations! Motivate your employees, customers and partners to create a good workenvironment and a great relationship, to leverage business together.

With that in mind, we have created special programs in which they will have full contact with the nature and local communities of Chapada Diamantina, and can also practice adventure activities. A special place for you to develop technically, emotionally and professionally!

Birdwatching Chapada Diamantina.jpg
Rich in history, culture and wildlife, Chapada Diamantina attracts groups with diverse and
special interests from all over the world. If you are part of a group of archeologists interested
in visiting specific places or planning a trip to research the region’s biodiversity, we can take
care of all the logistics and plan the perfect tailor-made trip to Chapada Diamantina.
At the heart of the new Journeys, inspired by CHAPADA SOUL´s Connection and Healing, is our mission of taking you to a process of deep self-knowledge, through therapeutic tools, ancient practices and ceremonies; in one of the most inspiring places in the world, Chapada Diamantina.

In an authentic way, we will guide you through deep experiences, connecting with yourself,
guided by the best specialists, in the exclusive Chapada Soul style.
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