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All the intensity of Chapada Diamantina in a single tour. Lets do the most beautiful hike in Brazil and the third most beautiful hike in the world! Lots of nature and delicious local cuisine.
A walk that goes beyond our expectations, a new way of seeing life, with a magical, indescribable energy. Rivers, mountains, caves and locals that make the crossing of Pati valley one of the most beloved trails in the region.
Located right in the center of Chapada Diamantina National Park, Vale do Pati is one of the main trekking areas in Chapada Diamantina, welcoming adventurers from all over the world every year. In addition to incredible views, waterfalls, rivers and an immense sense of freedom, at the end of the hikes there is the comfort of overnight stays at native homes, the opportunity to meet incredible people and also help to strengthen Patis sustainability.
Since 1999, some families have been trained to receive tourists by providing food and lodging. During this period, these families systematically received guidance regarding the provision of tourist services and possible structural improvements in their homes. It is an opportunity for the ecotourist to experience the way of life of the natives having more comfort and offering an alternative to subsistence to these families.
Overcoming limits, overcoming challenges, self-knowledge, connection with nature, living mystical experiences; is part of the proposal of this experiential adventure where each one is part of the team and not just a person who follows steps. As explained by a tourist, Priscila Ditommaso, between a conversation and another at dinner at Casa de Dona Raquel in Vale: After leaving here, being able to walk all this, the feeling is that I can do whatever I want in my life.
Welcome to the magical world of Vale do Pati!
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