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Life is to celebrate special moments and create memories. If your holidays are to celebrate in Chapada Diamantina, we are here to offer our creative ideas and experience in the sector to ensure that your moment is unique, refined and unforgettable.

Traveling creates and expands significant moments. Chapada Diamantina offers countless possibilities for the realization of your dreams.

Its a great time to bring experts together and harness the wisdom of local travel to make the most of your celebration. When it comes to special occasions and events at Chapada Diamantina, Chapada Soul offers the experience in creative travel planning to accomplish the unexpected.

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Special dates tend to inspire great travel plans! We organize everything for friends and family to celebrate together with you, planning intimate celebratory dinners with dances and
bonfires, visits to breathtaking places and with the privilege of eating a freshly made birthday
cake, in the middle of the national park.
We have several ideas to inspire you!
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We can keep a secret! Surprise your love in Chapada Diamantina, with an almost unlimited number of breathtaking scenarios, which ensure that your marriage proposal is unforgettable.If you prefer the sound from the waterfall to make the proposal, or in front of the most beautiful  sunset, Vale do Cercado, it will not disappoint.We will also take care of all the details, as a private photographer, chilled champagne, to enjoy this magical moment together in paradise!

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Celebrating Love calls for a special and planned trip to the most romantic destination in Brazil.
With its magic, Chapada Diamantina is the ideal destination, combining paradisiacal places with unique experiences, together with several accommodation options, romantic dinners, relaxing treatments, selected according to the couple`s profile.

Our team will inspire you in a tailored itinerary to make your dreams come true!
We provide a complete experience to the newlyweds and their guests, we carry out a
personalized service, focused on every detail so that everything goes beyond expected.
From the ceremony, the best dinner and even an authentic shamanic blessing to
solemnize your wedding, we will inspire you.
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