This trekking was elected the most beautiful from Brazil and the third most beautiful from the whole world. Generally we spent three to five days to complete it and the more days we spend the more we can see.


1st Day:


 We leave Lençóis by car and head to the small village of Guiné through 80 kilometers of paved and unpaved roads which takes about two hours. There we start the trail through the Gerais do rio Preto, from where we can see the mountains which surrounds the Vale do Pati. We make a stop at the rio Preto to have snacks, rest and take a bath. Following we head to the beautiful viewpoint to the valley. From there we walk down to the valley to one of the local people’s house where we’ll have dinner and lodge. We walked about 10 kilometers this day in approximately five hours.


2nd Day: 


After breakfast we go down the Funis River passing through its waterfalls, next we head to the Castle Hill where we have an amazing view of the Vale do Pati after crossing a cave almost to the summit of the Hill. This day tour is made without heavy packs and we walk about 15 kilometers.


3rd Day:


We leave our lodging with our gear and head to the top of the Cachoeirão do Paty, in the rainy season we can see several waterfalls falling from holes in the huge walls of the canyon. There we have snacks, bath and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Chapada Diamantina. From there we go to Guinê.  Back to Lençóis.




Tour includes:


English speaking Guide

Natural attraction taxes

Complete meals on Pati Valley

Complete Lodging Pati Valley

Transport on tours

Safety insurance





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