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Chapada Diamantina


Chapada Diamantina is a trekking paradise!
There are many options for trails, with different levels of physical effort and style.

Let`s do the most beautiful trails in Chapada. Waterfalls, canyons and unforgettable landscapes !!


All the intensity of Chapada Diamantina in a single tour. Let`s do the most beautiful hike in Brazil and the third most beautiful hike in the world! Lots of nature and delicious local cuisine. A walk that goes beyond our expectations, a new way of seeing life, with a magical,
indescribable energy. Rivers, mountains, caves and locals that make the crossing of Pati valley one of the most beloved trails in the region.
Physical effort level: intense
1st Day
We leave Lençóis by car to Capão Valley, where we start our hike. We reach the top of Fumaça waterfall, where we have a spectacular view from above. We will stop for refreshing baths and snacks. We will go down the Serra do Macaco, until we reach the place where we will camp and have dinner, in Toca do Macaco.
2nd Day
After having breakfast, we continue to Fumaça waterfall`s pool, one of the main natural attractions of the itinerary. At almost 400m high, it is a magical place, with almost untouched
nature. After our time at the Well, with river baths, snacks and relaxation, we continue on to Capivara Waterfall, where we will have dinner and camp under the most starry sky in Chapada.
3rd Day
After enjoying our morning in the waters of the Capivara River, a natural “amusement park”, we continue to the beautiful Palmital waterfall, great place for swimming and contemplation. We return to Lençóis passing by Ribeirão do Meio, natural toboggan, where we will rest and bath.
Physical effort level: intense
1st Day
Located in the Capivari river canyon, the Mixila waterfall has one of
the most untouched scenery in the region. We leave Lençóis in the
morning, 8 km off road until the beginning of the trail, in Serra do
Bode. We will bathe in the Capivari Waterfall, which has a 45m
waterfall for our fun and relaxation. Then we head to Cachoeira do
Poção, where we will camp out for dinner and take a lot of river
2nd Day
After having breakfast, we will proceed to the Mixila Waterfall,
walking between the Capivari River canyon. On the way, many
bathing options and an incredible view. On the way back, we stop at
Poção, where we will have a snack and a river bath. At the end of
the trail, there will be a car waiting for us to take us back to Lençóis.
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Created around your specific interests, tailor-made trips, made especially for you,
are private: only you, your companion and the Chapada Soul guide, who help you
get the most out of every day of your journey.
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