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Volta ao Parque  8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS

1st Day: On arrival in Lençóis


Pick up at the Airport or Bus Station in Lençóis


Lodging in Lençóis


Distance by car from the airport: 25 km


2nd Day: The Cave Tour (Lapa Doce Cave, Pratinha Farm, the Azul Grotto, and Pai Inácio Mountain )


Leaving by car from Lençóis, your first stop is the Lapa Doce Cave with its high roof decorated with enormous, but delicate, stalactites and stalagmites.


After visiting the cave there will be a delicious regional meal, and then a trip to the Pratinha Farm – with its natural lake of crystalline blue water for swimming and general enjoyment.

The Pratinha Farm offers shops with local crafts, services of sub-aquatic photography, zip lines, and an aquatic tour through a cave.

You can also visit the beautiful Azul Grotto with its blue, crystalline waters, to contemplate a bit more of the local natural beauty.


On the way back to Lençóis, you will climb to the top of the Pai Inácio Mountain  and enjoy what is indisputably the most famous panoramic view in all of the Chapada Diamantina.


Lodging in Lençóis.


Distance by car: 140 km total (20 Km off-road)

Most time between two attractions: 50 minutes

Walking: 4 km of trails among all of the attractions 

Bathing: the Diabo Pool and waterfall, the Pratinha River


3rd Day: The Fumaça Waterfall


We leave from Lençóis at 08:30 to Capão Valley, where the trail to the Fumaça Waterfall begins. The trail provides a continuous view of Capão Valley surrounded by mountain ridges, peaks, and the Chapada Diamantina National Park, with its rich fauna and flora of orchids, decorative plants, and forests. The trail climbs to a wide plateau that feeds the Fumaça Waterfall – with its fantastic view and freefall of 340 m. On the way back, you will visit the Riachinho Municipal Park, with a refreshing waterfall and spacious pools for swimming and relaxing.


Lodging in Lençóis.


Distance by car: 160 km total (40 Km off-road)

Greatest time between two attractions: 10 minutes

Walking: 12 km total of trails, with visits to the different attractions

Bathing: Riachinho Waterfall


4th Day: The Azul Pool and Encantado Pool


This outing takes you to two wonderful pools of crystalline blue waters inside two different caves. Leaving Lençóis by car, we will stop at the Encantado Pool to take in the beauty of a 60 m deep lake within a cave that is pierced by a ray of electric-blue light. Then off to the Azul (Blue) Cave where you can swim in the transparent blue waters of another large cave. A delicious buffet lunch will be served there, featuring local food prepared right on the farm.


Lodging in Igatú


Distance by car: 220 km total (40 Km off-road)

Greatest distance between two attractions: 20 km

Bathing: in the Azul Pool


5th Day: Trekking Guiné - Pati Valley overlook


This is an invigorating trek leaving from the town of Guiné and passing through the Gerais do Rio Preto high plain to the view above Pati Valley. The trail winds for about 14 km through some of the most impressive scenery in Brazil (and perhaps the world), with waterfalls, sparkling rivers, and incredible views.


Lodging in Mucugê


Distance by car: 70 Km total (82 Km off-road)

Walking distance: 14 km

Bathing: Rancho Waterfall, Preto River.


 6th Day: The Buracão waterfall


Today we visit the fabulous Buracão Waterfall! After a very excellent breakfast, there will be a car trip to the town of Ibicoara, and then along a dirt road to the trailhead. The trail itself largely follows a wide riverbed, leading to the canyon of the Buracão Waterfall, which is 85 m high. The pool and river at the base of the waterfall are wonderful places to go swimming and, of course, to relax and enjoy yourself. On the way back, you'll pass the Orquídeas (Orchids) Waterfall along the river that flows to the Buracão Waterfall.


Lodging in Lençóis


Distance by car: 330 km total (60 Km off-road)

Walking distance: 6 km

Bathing: Buracão Waterfall, Orquídeas Waterfall.


7th Day: The Mosquito waterfall & Poço do Diabo waterfall


Today you will travel to the Fazenda dos Impossíveis farm to visit the Mosquito Waterfall! The name refers to the small diamonds that were found there, traditionally called "mosquitos". It's a short hike to the narrow canyon where the Mosquito Waterfall plunges 50 m, with lots of places to enjoy the falling water.


After lunch visit the Mucugezinho River – with a short hike to the Diabo Pool and its beautiful waterfall for a very pleasant swim.


Lodging in Lençóis.


Distance by car: 120 km total (80 Km off-road)

Greatest distance between two attractions: 30 km

Walking: 3 km

Bathing: Mosquito Waterfall


8th Day: Return


Transfer to the airport or the Lençóis bus station


Distance by car: 25 Km total to the airport






The outings include:


Experienced guides

Transportation on tours

Entrance fees to the attractions

Trail or restaurant lunches

Travel insurance

* A ordem dos passeios pode ser alterada pela pela nossa equipe, conforme logística, clima e a nossa formação de grupos.

* Nossos grupos são super reduzidos, podem ter até 8 pessoas por passeio, proporcionando mais conforto, segurança e atenção especial dos guias.

* Os Guias Soul são selecionados a dedo, especialistas na Chapada Diamantina

* Os transportes dos passeios são carros novos e confortáveis. Para melhor aproveitamento do roteiro e devido as condições das estradas locais, em alguns passeios poderão ser utilizados veículos off road 4 x 4

Cachoeira do Buracão

Cachoeira do Buracão

Gruta da Pratinha

Gruta da Pratinha

Morro do Castelo - Vale do Pati

Morro do Castelo - Vale do Pati

Flutuação no Poço Azul

Flutuação no Poço Azul

Por do sol, Morro do Pai Inacio

Por do sol, Morro do Pai Inacio

Mirante do Pati

Mirante do Pati

Poço Encantado

Poço Encantado

Gruta da Lapa Doce

Gruta da Lapa Doce

Cachoeira da Fumaça

Cachoeira da Fumaça

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